Sitcom Characters Who Pretend To Be Married

Nearly twenty years afterwards I was appropriately divorced, I still appointment occasions if I pretend to be married. If a salesman calls, I act affable while he presents his spiel, afterwards which I acquaint him that I can accomplish no acquirement decisions after consulting my wife.

There are tax advantages and conceivably affecting allowances as well, and a archetypal adventure of Seinfeld acicular out how alliance could save costs on dry cleaning. Jerry affected to be affiliated in adjustment for his adherent to get chargeless service, alone to acquisition it a bit of a blend if his parents apprehend of the brusque marriage of which they had not been informed.

None of them accept aggregate Seinfeld’s acumen for the pretext, but abundant sitcoms accept featured episodes on which two approved characters pretend to be married. Here are appropriate of the a lot of well-known.

Dorothy Petrillo and Stan Zbornak on Golden Girls

Because Sophia’s priest brother is visiting, she asks her acquaintance (played by Bea Arthur) to pretend to be affiliated to Stab (played by Herb Edelman) in an adventure alleged “My Brother, My Father.”

Jack Tripper and Janet on Three’s Company

Chrissy (played by Suzanne Sommers) is visited by her ancestor Reverend Snow, causing her to try to argue him that her two attached are bedmate and wife.

Homer Simpson and Selma Bouvier on The Simpsons

In the adventure alleged “Goo Goo Gai Pan” Homer has to act as the backward of his abhorred sister-in-laws so that she can accept a adolescent in China.

Sam Malone and Rebecca Howe on Cheers

In “One For the Road” Diane (played by Shelly Long) comes aback to town, area she pretends to be married. Sam (played by Ted Danson) employs the aforementioned angle with Rebecca (played by Kirstie Alley) as his wife, but his lie is appear if her absolute admirer proposes to her on that actual occasion.

Ross Geller and Rachel Green on Accompany

“The One In Messagua” appearance the 35th marriage ceremony of Judy and Jack, area the two “RG” accompany (played by Jennifer Aniston and David Schwirmer) pretend that they accept angry the knot.

Jolene Hunnicut and Mel Sharples on Alice

To affect an old acquaintance of Mel’s, the buyer of the bigger (played by Vic Tayback) makes the adolescent waitress (played by Celia Weston) affectation as his wife.

Francine and Roger on American Dad

Although he is a centuries old alien, Roger (voiced by Seth McFarlane) loses as a academy assistant affiliated to the show’s mother.

Pam Beasley and Andy Bernard on The Appointment

Since she is acutely expecting, a sales applicant assumes that the appointment accomplice accompanying her is her husband.

Charlie and Alan on Two and a Half Men

In the copy blue-blooded “It Was Mame, Mom” Charlie assertive Alan to pretend to be his activity accomplice in adjustment to affect a gay ad-executive.

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